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New Start

June was crazy with Tapestry edits. That round of editing has come to an end. Yay! One more round to go! In the meantime, I need to start another project.

With each new project, I learn more about my process of creating. For a week, I take a break and relax. The second and third weeks I think about what I want to do, and how I want the new story to go. I often look for inspiration around me. I think about life, read books, watch movies. Somewhere around the fourth week, I’m ready to write!

The next part is the hardest part: jumping back into the writing schedule. The imagining, creating, learning and research part is magical. It’s fun and laid back. The actual writing part is where the technical aspects and will power enter into the equation.

I have decided to continue on with my fairy tale novella. It was originally a part of Tapestry as a short story, but I thought I could expand the story substantially so I put it aside.

I have read what I wrote all those years ago. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect, but wow! I titled something “meet cute,” but left out the part where the characters actually talk to each other. So far, I have two characters barely acknowledging each other at a coffee place. That was a laugh out loud moment for me. Apparently, when my ideas are flying around, I write whatever inspires me and skip the rest.

I’m so excited to write the rest of the story…in my mind. Now, it’s time to actually do it! 😛

anthony-gotter-670.jpg*(The picture I chose for this blog is a little hint about the novella. I thought it would be fun. The picture is by Anthony Gotter from Unsplash.)



Mad Dash

My social media and blog progress has fallen short of my goal this season.  I think I’m two blogs short, and I haven’t posted anything on my social media in weeks.  I explained a little, in my last post in April, why I fell short.

My birthday was at the end of March, and I did spend some time with my family.

I also did a quick life revamp. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I bought an adorable mirror for my wall. It’s a baroque mirror; I feel like a nicer version of the wicked queen. It’s great.

I started my diet again. It’s been up and down. It involves a lot more cooking and time.

Lastly, I’ve been working on Tapestry. I’ve done a ton of edits, and still have a ton more to do. However, I have a deadline. And not one of my imaginary, hope-I-meet-it deadlines. I have a friend who is beta reading my work. She has some stuff she has to handle by mid-June, and won’t be able to help me again until the end of the summer. I want to finish all the edits on the stories before she’s unavailable.

Editing away!

So far, it’s been okay. I have enough distance to edit properly; I feel like I’m really improving the stories. I have gotten half of them to her. However, I need to finish the other half in under two weeks.

I have also thought about redoing the cover for Tapestry. I don’t want to start from scratch, but I do want to make improvements. I’ll see how I feel about it in a couple of weeks.

And I want to create covers for my friend’s short story series. So I need to squeeze in some meetings about that in the upcoming weeks as well. (Which I am very happy to do.) This is all to say, wow am I busy. I am enjoying the work, though.

I will try to do better with the social media. It’s been hard to get back into the swing of it.

I have had more blog ideas. I have written them down. I’m excited to write them. Hopefully, by the end of the year, I can squeeze in the two blogs I missed during this craziness.

Happy spring everyone! Hope it’s going well for you.

Campfire Stories

Sorry this blog is a few weeks late. I skipped my November NaNoWriMo blog because I felt there was nothing new to write about it. I didn’t want to write the same blog over and over again. Instead, I decided to do two December blogs. The second one will be published on the 31st of December.

I mentioned before that I’m working on a collaboration. I am part of a group of writers that will be putting out a short story collection. The collection is called Campfire Stories.

The authors had to create a story inspired by a campfire. However, it was not strict. Each person could go in any direction they wanted: horror, tall tale, legend, etc.

We agreed to submit at least one story, and edit each other’s work.

I ended up submitting two stories. One is  a campy, horror story.  The other is about a ghost.

Round one of editing happened during October, so I had my editing notes going into November.

I gave up on NaNoWriMo early this year, and worked on my second drafts. I resubmitted the stories a week and half ago. My fellow collaborators have already read my work, and they gave me new notes.

It’s interesting to see what someone else thinks of my writing. I’m always excited to see the comments. I also love that four different people have read my work. They each have their own opinions and comments, which shows how differently readers can interpret something.

The editing process is so much faster this way. I used to want to hang on to my work until I felt it was perfection. However, it’s a lot easier to get a story to perfection with a critique partner.

Additionally, I created covers for the collection. I hope my collaborators like my work. I enjoyed doing it.

While there have been delays, we are mostly on schedule. Campfire Stories should be done by the end of January. 😀

I liked participating in this, and I would like to do something similar in the future. I’d love to run my own contest one day.

Have any of you submitted stories anywhere, or worked on a collaboration? I’d love to hear how other people’s experiences turned out.

Merry Christmas! Hope your holidays are fun and filled with joy!

How It Goes

It’s less than one week before June, and there’s so much to do! I am behind on my editing, but I am determined to finish it. I can’t wait to have the anthology ready for publication. Plus, June is the start of JuNoWriMo. It’s my first year participating and I’m excited. I am going to be one of the sprint leaders and a featured author on their website! I’ll be sprinting during the afternoons on Mondays and Wednesdays. During the month of June I want to finish editing, and write a huge chunk of another novel!

I’m nervous because there’s so much to get done this summer. Editing takes longer than writing for me. I go over the scenes multiple times, ponder how to make it perfect, add copious words, and I take some out. Sometimes it feels never-ending. The novel I am writing over the summer has already been started. I need to reread what’s there. Try to find where my mind was when I was writing it, and go back to that mental place.

I hope to squeeze a novella in too, but it’s not looking good. We’ll see and I’ll keep you updated. I hope I can do it because I love the concept. It’s a dark fairy tale with a sexy Prince Charming. I don’t want to let him go!

And I am officially a Goodreads Author! It took a few more steps than I had anticipated, but it was intuitive enough. I created my page and added my flash fiction story, Flowers, under my name :D! I can’t explain how exciting it is to feel like a real author with all the author accoutrements. Here’s the link: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13794103.Kalen_Williamson

One Year Project

I have set an extremely lofty goal for myself. In one year, I am going to:

  • Write a book
  • Edit, edit, and edit some more
  • Run a Kickstarter (or similar campaign) for funding
  • Become my own publisher
  • A couple more edits
  • Get a cover for my book
  • Format
  • Edit
  • Market
  • Publish
  • Market my heart out

I can already hear the groans coming from certain types of people. I’ve heard it all since I started getting involved in the writing community. I’ve heard negativity inside and out of the industry.

It’s difficult; nay impossible to be an author! This industry is too hard; newbies know nothing of the complicated nature of it. Get a second job!

Well, in my experience, nothing has been easy since high school, and that wasn’t all it was supposed to be either. However, I graduated long ago, and found out an important fact. Nothing in life is easy, not even the “safe” job. If am going to dedicate myself to something and use 1/3 of my life for it, I want it to be for a job I desire and that complements who I am. Besides, it’s not as if I gave up a good paying job, and walked away from a middle-class life. I walked away from minimum wage and a dim future.  Not that it wasn’t a hard decision; a paying job is an important thing. However, I want prosperity. Passion and effort seem to be the correct route, not giving up before even trying.

Moreover, I am the type of person who gets 100% dedicated when I start working whether is for my degree, as a writer, or whatever else I choose. It’s for my future; I don’t want my attention divided.

I understand some naysayers or realists may have discouraging opinions, and that’s great … for their lives. I want to help create a supportive and optimistic community as I believe optimism, hope, and hard work leads to accomplishment and satisfaction.

Plus, I have been acquiring useful skills these last few years to help me on my journey. I will write more about what I have been up to and these skills in my next post, What Have You Been Doing?

Which brings me to why I am writing this blog. I wanted to create a blog series, and I thought it would be encouraging to share my journey with people who are interested. I’ve read many blog posts; my favorites are the emotional, relatable, fun, and/or educational ones, so that’s what I am going to write. The beginning of this new chapter in my life seems like a great place to start.

I wrote this blog a week ago. However, the thought of posting it is scary. Failing quietly seems like a much better choice. Then the only people who would know would be myself and a few close friends. When I think of what I sacrificed to follow this route, the feeling of nervousness and tension increases tenfold as my stomach shifts riotously. I’m queasy and unsure. I have no doubts about my current life path, but plenty of doubts about sharing it. Who would want to fail publicly?

I’ve weighed my options and decided. No artist can be influential and as magnificent as I hope to be without putting themselves out there. We live off our ideas and our vulnerabilities. It’s necessary to give pieces of one’s soul when working as an artist. No one can write about life brilliantly without some exposure.

So, I am sharing with you, dear readers, because I want this to be a good blog post. I do want to create that wonderful community, and what could be a better first step? I hope you can relate; I hope I can inspire you to try or to keep going. Oh, and I have every intention of succeeding.