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Website Woes

I had a plan. I was going to update, upgrade, and redo my website. Then, on Friday night, it was gone! I got the white page of death. I have been unable to fix it as I have not heard from my host (an old acquaintance) yet. This got me thinking about a lot of things regarding my website, and I wanted to gather information. Reader, I ask for you help.

I am currently using this ( site) as a temporary website. However, I am finding it immensely easier to use! What took hours in, takes far less time in Have I been doing something wrong? Widgets frequently go out of use; it’s hard finding replacement. The constant refrain gets old.

Search plugin

Download plugin

Activate plugin


Drag and drop


Most times the plugin fails and I must start over (Use my memorization of the steps as evidence of how many times it has failed). It’s exhausting. I have left the website alone for THREE years, and the Facebook box still works.

I feel incompetent. Especially looking at my Twitter friends who have done well in this area.

However, I know I am smart. I have learned all sorts of things throughout life, so what am I missing?

Do my friends secretly know coding, and expert computer information? Is there an awesome explain it all hosting/coding/plugin site no one has told me about? Did I miss the secret society of web information meeting?

I would love any advice on how to run my own, hosted site. I may even have to switch from my acquaintance because I don’t know when I’ll hear from him. He has a life of his own and all. What company do you recommend? (Update: He has gotten back to me, but it takes FTP knowledge to fix it, and I know nothing about it. Honestly, without my acquaintance being very kind and giving me a deal on the price, I don’t know if I’d even want another host. .com is looking easier and easier). Is there a better option outside of WordPress itself?

As a side note, what do you think of staying on There’s something sexy (and quite frankly–professional) about not having “wordpress” in the middle of my web address, but it has taken all of the fun out of it. I pay money for less fun. Also, I learned something equally important. Self-hosted means I am the customer service representative. Uh-oh.

Thanks in advance,