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I’ve been away from the blog for multiple reasons: personal and professional. I’ll skip the personal. Professionally, tons has been happening!

This summer was amazing. I found out more about my writing process. I’ve struggled over the years with exactly how I form my stories and edit them. As each year goes by, I perfect my personal process, which makes it easier to create. I’ve found out just how different each writer is when it comes to writing, it’s lovely to have my way more defined.

I’ve also made some brand decisions. I think I’ll keep my reviews short and more towards my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.  I love posting and talking about books and shows. I may decide to do another one on my blog, but overall, it’s not my thing right now.

I’ve been working on two novels! RFS is almost half way through it’s first draft! And I’m working on a novella (maybe a short novel) that’s at least a third way through its first draft. Calliope has been pushed back, but not forgotten, so stay tuned for her story. I hope to have it published some time in 2020.

And keep an eye out…a sale is coming! I’ll announce it on Facebook and Twitter next week!

Happy Halloween!

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Normally, I would be putting up my resolutions blog. However, my resolutions haven’t changed from 2016. The essence is the same. So instead, I’m going to write an update. Guess what?

Tapestry is finally PUBLISHED!!!! At long last, that resolution has been met. It has taken me over three years. It feels surreal. I’m happy and nervous. My first book has been published…the first official Kalen Williamson novel.  Wow.  I did it!

tapestry art

You can buy it here. I hope you like it. I wrote a guest blog for it. You can view that here.

Obviously, I want to publish more in 2018. I know by the end of the year I should have a book out about Calliope Jones, a woman finding her independence and looking for love. Throughout the year, I will be releasing little tidbits of her story on Amazon. The first installment is called Calliope’s New Year.

Last but not least, the book I was collaborating on, Campfire Stories, has been released as well. One of the contributors, Allison, wrote a blog about what inspired out stories.

It’s funny how writing works. For the longest time, I told everyone I was working on projects, but I didn’t have anything to show for it. It kind of sucked. I SWEAR I’M WORKING!! There’s no instant gratification when it comes to writing.

Then, in what feels sudden but isn’t, I have multiple works published within weeks if not days of each other. BOOM!

2017 has been a great year. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope all your resolutions come to fruition.



*I used Unsplash to make my Tapestry collage.