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Something New: A Review!

I’ve been thinking what I want to do with my blog. Thus far, I have stuck to my own life but let’s face it, there’s not a lot to say when I’m a starving artist trying to make it, eating cookies and writing all day.  I’m still not sure, but I thought it would be fun to talk about movies, shows, and/or books on this blog along with the rest of my life. After all, consuming art is just as much a part of my life as making it. So, for this post, I want to do a book review. I just finished Sophie Kinsella’s Surprise Me.

I’ve been on a reading binge, and have specifically been reading Sophie Kinsella books for the last couple of weeks. I always thought Confessions of a Shopaholic, one of her more famous works, was cute and funny. When I read, My So-Called Perfect Life, I was enchanted by the character and laughed uncontrollably. Then, I came upon Wedding Night, while the two main women were hard to relate to, there were still hilarious hi-jinks. However, Surprise Me broke away from the mold. While some may have found the surprises funny, I did not laugh once. Kinsella seems to have lost her funny bone in this one.

I have read a few other reviews where the reviewer said the book had a more serious tone. Kind of. But not really. It takes more than 80% of the book before anything remotely serious happens. This is the climax and it feels like it has taken too long to get ready and has shown up late. The remainder of the book is a mad dash slapping everything together.

It’s an okay read. It’s not so slow that I had to put it down, but I wasn’t riveted either. I wouldn’t pay the whopping $14.99 for it, that’s for sure.

Last but not least, it may be just me, but I hated the made up words as this was a modern romance, not a fantasy. Apparently, this is a pet peeve I never knew I had until now.

When I read or watch something, sometimes I have wishes for the work. What I wish would have happened.  As a writer, I know the plot may not allow this 100% of the time, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

My wishes for this book:

I wish there was more on Sylvie’s job. It gets a few interesting pages, but that’s it.

Spoiler Alert! I wish Sylvie gave Dan a harder time for lying to her instead of doing what she always does: praising men for their ability to do something somewhat considerate. She’s not a child. This plot line is silly, but not in a good or funny way.

Spoiler Alert! There was something off about Sylvie and her relationship with her father. It was beyond creepy. Sure, the book set it up where she found out he was an ass, which lead to her having a healthier view of him, but given how disturbing her infatuation was, I don’t think it would have been that easy for her to let go. Moreover, even if he was a great guy, their relationship was sick. I wish this part either wasn’t so disturbing or went further down this disturbing road. Instead, we get a quick, upbeat fix to a worrisome problem.