The last couple of months have been hard. Not just for me, but for my entire country. And much of the rest of the world. The word is never perfect, but it feels abysmal at the moment. I’ve felt alienated, sad, and hopeless.

I don’t know how or when the universe will right itself, and gives us a break. I’ve been moping, but I’m coming out of it. I’m still sad. However, I need to live my life. I’m going to focus on the positive, and what I can do. I’ve also watched lots of Jenna Marbles videos.

I appreciate everything I have. I’m getting by. I ate delicious fudge. I am going to try and make new friends. I am so happy for my current ones.

Thank you for reading my blogs, and everything else you do. I can’t wait to release a novel for you.

I hope you can find things in your life to smile about. If you can’t right now, I’ve found some cute pictures for you.

 Bambi searching for Thumper.



Cuddly Pug, warm and safe.







The only way to swim.


Peace, love, and happiness.


About Kalen

I'm a writer who loves art of all kinds including books, paintings, and movies. I also have an affection for chocolate and pizza. I hope to create great art myself. It's my dream. View all posts by Kalen

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