And the Writing Begins!

I have finally put aside Tapestry (my short story anthology) for the time being. The editing was tough, and there is still more to do, but I am happy with my progress. Now I am moving on to another story, and I am super excited to get back to writing! No more reading the same paragraph 8 times. 😀

I will be working on the first draft of a Christmas story I started three to four years ago. I have read what I wrote so far, jotted down a few descriptions, and am now embarking on the writing journey. It’s a dark tale involving a little boy, Santa Claus, and magic spells. I hope I can finish before November, but I won’t put too much pressure on myself. I am enjoying my life and work more by thinking positively while trying not to stress over the small stuff.

Speaking of which, it’s fall! The joy! The weather is cooler. I can go for walks, or snuggle in bed. Visions of pumpkin treats waver before me. Stews and dumplings will be made. What a wonderful time of the year!

What have you been working on? Do you have any fall traditions?

Hope all is going well for you,



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I'm a writer who loves art of all kinds including books, paintings, and movies. I also have an affection for chocolate and pizza. I hope to create great art myself. It's my dream. View all posts by Kalen

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