Spring Cleaning: An End and a New Beginning

My write chain is officially over. I wrote for 534 days before breaking the chain. I didn’t choose this specific day; although, I knew it had to end soon as I stated in my last post. I spent day 535 cleaning. I was exhausted, and there was a lot more cleaning to be done over the week. I opened up my work in progress, and thought about writing. I was tired and not in the mood. I love my work and thought it needed more attention and energy from me. I didn’t want to write my 80 words for the day; I wanted to be able to choose a time where I could dive in and write as much as it needed. I thought about writing in my journal, but I had written an entry the previous day. I didn’t feel like it needed an additional one. So, I let it go.

While I knew it was coming, it still felt like a big decision.

However, I spent an entire week cleaning! My living space hasn’t looked this good in awhile, and I have no regrets. This is a new beginning: A cleaner, more organized, living space. And a new writing pattern. I also got an AC unit for my window, so I won’t melt this summer. I could not be happier with this week’s accomplishments.

While I was cleaning all day long, I had no time to think of writing. Now that I have given myself a couple days off, I notice it. Midnight approaches and it occurs to me I don’t have to write. The time I write no longer matters (I used to wait until the next day, midnight, if I already had words for the current day).

That being said, I only took one day off (no cleaning and no writing). For the last two days I have written at least a hundred words. I am excited for this new period in my life and feel it will be beneficial in new and amazing ways.


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