The Word Muse

I have had a hard time thinking of what to write lately. I try to avoid writer’s block and write even when I don’t know where I am going with it, but for a few weeks I wasn’t able to. My journal entries became tedious, ideas weren’t coming to me. I let it be. Kept up the journal anyway, and waited for the muse to return.

I have had a few more life problems/events to deal with, so that might have been a factor.

I wanted to finish the novel I was working on before the computer crash. However, I was too upset. I write spontaneously and was not able to recall all that I lost. Thousands of words turned into hundreds that didn’t compare.

I watched tons of movies, pondered, worked on feeling better (I needed to heal for a couple of weeks during this time), talked to friends when I could, and there was a county fair.

I waited and waited, and you know what? I think the muse is coming back to me. The journal entries are more interesting. That was the first clue. I don’t have my next story fully formed, but I think it’ll come to me. For NaNoWriMo I am writing whatever comes to mind. I hope it turns into a story. I am happy ideas are coming back to me.

Being a writer is about sitting down and writing the words. Most days that’s all I need. However, the inspirational word muse is needed for new stories and moments of brilliance, and she shouldn’t be underestimated. That being said, don’t be afraid to pursue her diligently until she comes back.


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I'm a writer who loves art of all kinds including books, paintings, and movies. I also have an affection for chocolate and pizza. I hope to create great art myself. It's my dream. View all posts by Kalen

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