Where Have I Disappeared To?

I am sorry for not blogging these last few weeks. It has been a crazy time. This blog is going to be an update and explanation.

I have been absent because my life has been throwing me curve-balls. First, my car battery died. I wasn’t sure what to do. This was not in my budget.

Then, when I finally got some alone time, my computer’s hard drive crashed. At first, I thought I could replace the hard drive, and felt it was the best option cost-wise. After three trips and three calls to Best Buy, and one very useful call to Fry’s, I found out this was a horrible option. HP put the old model hard drive in my new computer. This model has been officially discontinued. To add insult to injury, the HP representative said this would be easy to purchase in any store. Complete malarkey. It can only be found refurbished on sites like eBay and less reputable sites. Moreover, this has happened to be three times in the last three years. Previously, I kept sending the laptop to HP. Now, that’s it is no longer under warranty, I am on my own. I have to say, I will never buy HP again. They knew what they did, and didn’t care. They continued to fix the problem cosmetically, not permanently.

Anyway, after several more phone calls and store visits (Best Buy needs to get their act together too, or I have had really bad luck), I ended up purchasing a new laptop. The warranty and Geek Squad protection was just was much as the computer. Hrm.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, my Microsoft Office wouldn’t upload. After spending hours on the phone with technical support, I needed a break. I decided to use Libre Office for now. I want to try out Scrivener before the end of September. As soon as I get a chance I will deal with it as my story is not yet over.

I tried to fix my old website using a FTP site and got a virus. I hope I have fully removed it. Also, I need to contact my host once again as I don’t have all the information I need to fix the website. I hope I hear from him soon. Additionally, Windows Update won’t work because I need Windows 8.1 not 8. Yet, I can’t get 8.1 until all the updates are installed. Of course. Therefore, at some point, I will have to go back to Best Buy for a sixth, yes sixth, time.

However, the Geek Squad said it wasn’t urgent and I want to catch up on my work. Especially since I lost six weeks worth with the hard drive crash (something I am mourning deeply. I am surprised by how deeply). I can’t be without my laptop again. I need it. Did I mention it has my movie and music accounts on it? I felt lost without it. (Thank goodness for my Kindle). However, I am trying to get back to my regular schedule and life, so this will have to wait.

Lastly, I am hoping and praying my car doesn’t have an oil leak too. It might as a kind gentlemen pointed out to me while dealing with the car battery.

As an update to the One Year Project, this is not encouraging. Yet, it’s all a part of life. I shall continue on and hope for better luck and prosperity, and view this as positively as I can. I was able to deal with all these problems reasonably, and maybe this can help me with stress management.

I will be blogging more frequently now. Catch you next week!


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I'm a writer who loves art of all kinds including books, paintings, and movies. I also have an affection for chocolate and pizza. I hope to create great art myself. It's my dream. View all posts by Kalen

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