One Year Project

I have set an extremely lofty goal for myself. In one year, I am going to:

  • Write a book
  • Edit, edit, and edit some more
  • Run a Kickstarter (or similar campaign) for funding
  • Become my own publisher
  • A couple more edits
  • Get a cover for my book
  • Format
  • Edit
  • Market
  • Publish
  • Market my heart out

I can already hear the groans coming from certain types of people. I’ve heard it all since I started getting involved in the writing community. I’ve heard negativity inside and out of the industry.

It’s difficult; nay impossible to be an author! This industry is too hard; newbies know nothing of the complicated nature of it. Get a second job!

Well, in my experience, nothing has been easy since high school, and that wasn’t all it was supposed to be either. However, I graduated long ago, and found out an important fact. Nothing in life is easy, not even the “safe” job. If am going to dedicate myself to something and use 1/3 of my life for it, I want it to be for a job I desire and that complements who I am. Besides, it’s not as if I gave up a good paying job, and walked away from a middle-class life. I walked away from minimum wage and a dim future.  Not that it wasn’t a hard decision; a paying job is an important thing. However, I want prosperity. Passion and effort seem to be the correct route, not giving up before even trying.

Moreover, I am the type of person who gets 100% dedicated when I start working whether is for my degree, as a writer, or whatever else I choose. It’s for my future; I don’t want my attention divided.

I understand some naysayers or realists may have discouraging opinions, and that’s great … for their lives. I want to help create a supportive and optimistic community as I believe optimism, hope, and hard work leads to accomplishment and satisfaction.

Plus, I have been acquiring useful skills these last few years to help me on my journey. I will write more about what I have been up to and these skills in my next post, What Have You Been Doing?

Which brings me to why I am writing this blog. I wanted to create a blog series, and I thought it would be encouraging to share my journey with people who are interested. I’ve read many blog posts; my favorites are the emotional, relatable, fun, and/or educational ones, so that’s what I am going to write. The beginning of this new chapter in my life seems like a great place to start.

I wrote this blog a week ago. However, the thought of posting it is scary. Failing quietly seems like a much better choice. Then the only people who would know would be myself and a few close friends. When I think of what I sacrificed to follow this route, the feeling of nervousness and tension increases tenfold as my stomach shifts riotously. I’m queasy and unsure. I have no doubts about my current life path, but plenty of doubts about sharing it. Who would want to fail publicly?

I’ve weighed my options and decided. No artist can be influential and as magnificent as I hope to be without putting themselves out there. We live off our ideas and our vulnerabilities. It’s necessary to give pieces of one’s soul when working as an artist. No one can write about life brilliantly without some exposure.

So, I am sharing with you, dear readers, because I want this to be a good blog post. I do want to create that wonderful community, and what could be a better first step? I hope you can relate; I hope I can inspire you to try or to keep going. Oh, and I have every intention of succeeding.



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I'm a writer who loves art of all kinds including books, paintings, and movies. I also have an affection for chocolate and pizza. I hope to create great art myself. It's my dream. View all posts by Kalen

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